Small Batch Granola, Responsibly Sourced



At Big Lexie’s, we believe in providing quality, uncomplicated, nourishing granola. We source organic ingredients from local farms, and we make only small batches, filled with love from our home to yours. Over time, I have refined my recipe to achieve my perfect, signature blends.

Originally from Eastern North Carolina, food has always been the center of my home. My passion for cooking was sparked when my aunt gifted me a monthly kids culinary subscription. From there my cousin Morgan and I prepared meals for our family, and baked cakes for every occasion possible. This passion for creation in the kitchen ultimately led me to earn a degree in Hospitality Management from East Carolina University (Go Pirates!). After university, I went on to an incredible career in fine dining, serving thousands of guests in San Francisco and New York as a Sommelier and Service Manager.

My husband is a marathon running, vegetable eating, machine. When I met him, I was straight out of the south. I ate everything deep fried with extra butter and hot sauce. Jake introduced me to “the vegetable” and my life was forever changed. He taught me the importance of clean eating and the impacts that food has on the world around us. When shopping for breakfast, I noticed that all the granola options seemed to be either poor quality, full of preservatives or too expensive. From there, the idea to start Big Lexie’s Granola was born. My passion is making simple, affordable, quality granola and sharing it with others.